UC Berkeley AutoLab.


Research projects from
undergraduate research at
Ken Goldberg's AutoLab

UC BERKELEY, 2011-2014



UC Berkeley’s Automation Sciences Lab, directed by Professor Ken Goldberg of IEOR, EECS, School of Information, and Art Practice, is a center for research in robotics and automation, with current projects in Cloud Robotics, Computer Assisted Surgery, Automated Manufacturing, and New Media Artforms. More information available here.

During my undergrad at UC Berkeley, I assisted on various projects at the lab. Details on some of these projects can be found below:

Opinion Space

Opinion Space is a new social media technology designed to help communities generate and exchange ideas about important issues and policies. A version of Opinion Space is being used by the U.S. State Department, where it has attracted thousands of participants from around the world to organize, visualize, and analyze constructive suggestions on foreign policy. Opinion Space is a self-organizing system that uses an intuitive graphical “map” that displays patterns, trends, and insights as they emerge and employs the wisdom of crowds to identify and highlight the most insightful ideas. In this project, I assisted with data analysis and user interface design.

3D Printed Casts

Worked on an exploratory project with the goal to develop custom 3D printed casts based on the site of fracture and an individual’s arm. The approach involved working on an effective way to minimize material while providing necessary support. FEM analysis, 3D mesh modeling of human anatomy, and optimization algorithms were utilized. 

California Report Card
The California Report Card is an online platform developed by the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative at UC Berkeley and the Office of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom that allows participants to advise the state government on timely policy issues. The goal of the project is to explore how technology can streamline and structure input from the public to elected leaders, to provide them with timely feedback on the changing opinions and priorities of their constituents. In this project, I assisted with user interface design.


  • data analysis for Opinion Space data using Principal Components Analysis
  • 3D modeling and optimization approaches
  • user interface design and mockups


Python | AutoCAD | SolidWorks | user-interface mockups