Augmenting Spatial Awareness.


An exploration in how our
clothes and skin can remind us
of something we have forgotten

WEARABLES / interaction design
mit media lab, 2017
TEAM: chrisoula kapelonis, anna fuste,
laya ansu, lucas cassiano



How can our clothes and skin remind us of something we have forgotten?

We live in a world with an overload of information and devices. We are often in insular bubbles of our own realities, unaware of what is outside our reality bubbles. The goal of this project was to design an augmentation technology to break this spell and augment the user's awareness while navigating space.

To do this, we drew inspiration from the childhood "tug", a simple action capable of capturing our attention. Navi was designed as a wearable belt that could tug at us to bring us out of the bubble. What if you could feel a sharp tug when you forgot something important? Or a subtle pull towards meeting someone you haven't seen in a while? Or a guided experience through a space that takes you on a unique path that you haven't explored? We broke down the anatomy of a tug for different interaction scenarios using features such as acceleration, force, direction, torque, frequency, and duration. 

Navi was prototyped as a belt with servo motors to control the tugging interaction. A more detailed presentation can be found here.


  • design and development of user interaction scenarios
  • hardware implementation of prototype
  • prototyping of physical artifacts 


Arduino | user experience design | laser cutter