Making Data Accessible at Sonos

As our senior project, our team collaborated with the consumer electronic company Sonos in an effort to consolidate data and metrics across their Operations departments and to provide executives with a high-level view of the company’s growth. The company’s current state of hyper-growth brought about the need for a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard to allow for communication between departments and to provide business insights.

Our team designed and built a comprehensive dashboard using Microsoft Excel as a platform. The dashboard included KPIs from six departments: Global Planning, Global Logistics, Regional Operations, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Customer Service. Each page of the dashboard was constructed to provide clear visualizations regarding the health of the department and the health of the company overall.

Along with the visual representations, our team utilized two analysis techniques to offer Sonos more insight regarding the relevance of the KPIs they were currently tracking and the accuracy of their forecasting methods. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was performed on the company’s data sets to identify patterns in their data in multiple dimensions to determine the relationships between the parameters and to determine the appropriate weighting that should be placed on the metric. The Bass Diffusion Model was utilized in an attempt to assist Sonos in transitioning from short term forecasting methods to methods that were better for the long term.

The picture show wireframes of dashboards. The final presentation can be found here.

Role: Team Lead

Team Members: Zach Mulder, Chris Au, Winne Yan, Jeff Khvu


Database DesignSQLPythonData ModelingForecasting ModelsDashboard DesignUser ResearchTeam ManagementStatistical Modeling