Optimization Tools for a Real Estate Company

In this project, our team worked with a company in the real-estate domain. The company had three sub-companies, focusing on three different goals–a construction company, a real-estate investment company, and a brokerage. The core objectives of this project were as follows:

  • Integrate. The data for the three companies was segregated and managed through Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project and Quickbooks in the past. There was a lack of consistency in the data and repetitions of values. A key objective of this project was to integrate this data into a comprehensive database.
  • Generate Analytics. For years, the three companies have tracked data on various attributes. However, this data was stored and rarely used for analytics. Key objectives in this project were to use historical data to generate models for future growth and build analytics to help streamline in day-to-day operations. Analytics and models were built for the following areas:
      • Worker Scheduling
      • Project Management
      • Investment Returns
      • Construction Budgeting
      • Property Selling Price
  • Provide Multiple Views of Data. Each stakeholder in the real estate conglomerate required a different view of the data. A key goal of this project was to provide multiple views of the data and analytics for each stakeholder.

The final presentation can be found here.

The final report can be found here.

Team Members: Zach Mulder, Chris Au, Winne Yan, Jeff Khvu